Laura | Littleton, MA | Age 50

Trained with since 2010

Cassie has been my personal trainer since 2010.  Since I work full time and have a lengthy commute each day, the convenience of working out at home has helped me maintain a consistent training routine.  Cassie works with me to fit training into my schedule.  She provides a structured and tailored workout to meet my individual needs and goals.  
Her experience in personal training has helped me to develop and continue to maintain a strong fitness level.   At 50, I have better strength, balance and cardio levels than I have had in years and that allows me to enjoy the outdoor sports and activities that I love.

Marie H. | Concord, MA | Age 43

Trained with since 2008

I've  trained with Cassie since 2008. Her knowledge and patience are amazing!  She really knows how to modify an exercise so that it works for my physical challenges and I still am able to get a good work out. Cassie incorporates a variety of training techniques: yoga, Pilates, resistance all to achieve great results and prevent boredom from setting in. She will design a workout that benefits your body, strength, age and self esteem.

Cassie's own personal dedication to health and fitness carry over into each session with clients. She doesn't just "talk the talk". She knows realistically how hard it is and will keep you from being your own worst enemy. You will get the work done and be so happy with the results.

Carla D. | Littleton, MA | Age 53

Client since 2009

Over the years I have tried various attempts at fitness.  I do great for awhile then seem to slip into my old habits.  I would characterize myself as one of those people who let's everything else get in the way.  When Cassie started her home training business she called me.  I jumped at the chance to have her come to my house.  No more excuses, she was going to show up at our scheduled times. From the first session she showed me how to use the weights I owned and others that she brought properly.  In the past, lifting weights like everything else was something to get done as quickly as possible. 

It is amazing how much better your results are when someone is watching and correcting your form and speed.  The correct technique builds a baseline of strength. We continuously work on improving form. Cassie never lets me whine about being too old.  Age is not a factor, but technique is always. With minimal equipment I feel I always get a good workout. I would highly recommend Cassie as a personal trainer. I learn something knew in every session.  Staying strong is the key to staying healthy and preventing injuries. Cassie is more than worth the investment.

Susan M. | Concord, MA | Age 55

Trained with since 2009

I have been working out with Cassie for more than three (3) years.  Having Cassie come to my house to train is not only convenient, but keeps me from coming up with the usual excuses to skip workouts.  Cassie keeps me motivated, but equally important; she keeps me strong without injury.

Weight training is very important for me.  I have osteoporosis in my spine, but I also have problems with most of my joints (both elbows, both knees, one hip and one shoulder).  When one of my joints is acting up, which is most of the time, Cassie is always able to modify my workout.  She makes sure that I avoid any strain on the injured joint, while still giving me a challenging workout.  I am stronger and in better shape now than I was ten years ago. 

Cassie is a great trainer, both skilled and enthusiastic, and she has also become my friend.

Steven T. | Hudson, MA

Trained with since 2013

I met Cassie 12  years ago while she was waitressing at a restaurant  by my cottage in New Hampshire. I was a regular there and got to know Cassie pretty quickly, I was always impressed by her great attitude and could tell she wanted to make something of herself just by her demeanor. I introduced her to a longtime friend of mine in the insurance business and she made the move to Massachusetts to start her career. We kept in touch for awhile, but life got busy for  both of us. She reached out to me in late 2012 and we met for drinks to catch up. She'd left the insurance business, gotten married, became a certified personal trainer, and started her own business (there was that go get it attitude I had seen when I first met her!)   I immediately commented that even in a winter coat and layers of sweaters she looked phenomenal and of course (because I am competitive) asked her how she thought I looked. "Good. But I could help you look better." Instantly I was sold on a consultation. She came to my house and we talked about what I wanted to work on (my core) and how it was tough to get in shape when you got older and she came up with a plan that worked with my busy schedule.  I signed on with Cassie, doing 2 early mornings a week with her. I have seen results (ask my employees - I tell them to punch me in the stomach at least once a week!), my energy is up and stress level is down. Cassie works me hard but I wouldn't have it any other way.